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Madison Solutions provides mission-focused, tailored full-cycle program management for our Intelligence Community customers.  We have successfully built programs from the ground up and joined existing programs to successfully improve the programs' performance to achieve our customers' objectives.  Our program managers have successfully managed a broad range of Intelligence Community programs, some consisting of dozens of projects spread across the globe, leading those programs to numerous successes against top priority national security objectives.  We manage seven-figure program budgets; oversight reporting; and legal, policy, and bureaucratic documentation and approval processes.

Madison Solutions' program managers excel in developing a nuanced understanding of customer strategic goals, boiling those goals down into easily understandable tactical objectives, and developing a linear plan of specific concrete actions to accomplish those objectives and goals.  Our program managers communicate effectively and efficiently through both oral and written means to geographically disparate field-based teams.  Madison Solutions' program managers ensure all contributors and stakeholders have a clear understanding of the end goal and their specific role in the broader program.  Ultimately, we measure our success against one yardstick:  complete success against our customers' most challenging national security objectives.

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