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Madison Solutions provides world class technical targeting expertise directly to our customers' most challenging operational requirements.  Our technical targeting experts bring decades of experience from across the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense.  Madison Solutions' technical targeters excel at conducting intensive all-source research to identify, develop, and effectively communicate critical targeting opportunities to support our customers' highest priority tactical and strategic operational objectives.  Our technical targeters are experts at optimizing and exploiting a broad range of tools and datasets to identify, communicate, and develop these opportunities to accomplish our customers' most complex and challenging objectives.  While we primarily focus on the technical aspects of our customers' targeting work, our technical targeters are also experts at fusing that technical information with other all-source information and effectively communicating the whole picture to our customers, to include non-technical personnel.

How does this translate outside of the Intelligence Community?  Madison Solutions excels at fusing our technical expertise and research skills with our customers' non-technical personnel to identify unique opportunities to accomplish our customers' objectives.  We are proficient at understanding and exploiting a wide range of technical information - telecommunications, internet, over-the-air, geospatial, and biographic data, among others - to enable specific, concrete, real-world actions to accomplish these objectives.  Our technical targeters are equally comfortable working with other technical experts and non-technical personnel.  We have led teams of technical targeters but also excel at communicating complex, nuanced technical information to non-technical personnel.  In short, our technical targeters develop a nuanced understanding of our customers' objectives, exploit a broad range of technical information to identify specific actions to accomplish those objectives, and effectively communicate those opportunities and the underlying technical information to an audience with a broad range of technical proficiency.

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