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Madison Solutions was founded in 2004 to assemble an elite cadre of highly skilled, mission-focused technical and operational experts to effectively and efficiently accomplish the U.S. Government's most challenging operational objectives.  We focus on selectively and strategically hiring high performing individuals with unique skillsets and proven track records of effectiveness.  As a result, Madison Solutions has assembled a team of experts with over 100 years of combined direct experience in the areas of data science, data exploitation and manipulation, operational program management, and systems architecture.  Our personnel directly integrate into our customers' teams, working on-site and alongside customer personnel, to maximize our ability to effectively and efficiently tackle the customers' most challenging problemsets.  All of Madison Solutions' personnel focus on exploiting their unique skillsets to accomplish specific, high priority U.S. Government operational objectives.  We identify the customers' primary objective and work linearly backward to develop a plan to accomplish that goal; we do not develop one-size-fits-all technical solutions in a vacuum.

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