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Madison Solutions has vast experience providing full-cycle data services, from the acquisition of relevant data sets; the ingestion (extraction, transformation, and loading - ETL) and data management of complex and varied datasets, the modeling of varied and complex datasets, to the exploitation of these varied datasets to accomplish specific, concrete, real-world operational objectives, and the development of tools to enable a broader customer audience to also exploit the data.  We have extensive experience with a broad range of coding languages, modeling methodologies, data management practices and security, and exploitation tools and techniques.  Madison Solutions has experience standing up entirely new programs to identify data of value, acquire those datasets, efficiently ingest the data, manage the data according to a variety of security requirements, directly exploit the data in support of specific customer requirements, and make the data available and easily exploitable to non-technical customer personnel for a broader set of requirements.

Madison Solutions starts with gaining an understanding of the customers' requirements and then designs a technical data solution backwards from those objectives to ensure our data programs effectively and efficiently accomplish the customers' goals.  We also honestly advise our customers when a dataset or data program will not effectively or efficiently accomplish the customers' stated objective.  When a data solution is appropriate, Madison Solutions can successfully create a new program or can improve, streamline, or salvage an existing program to accomplish the objectives.  All of our technical and data solutions are tailored to and aligned with achieving our customers' goals; we do not sell one-size-fits-all solutions that will not actually assist our customers with accomplishing their objectives.

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